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We have the honor to offer the best services in the field of plastic injection, full automatic plating of plastic products, manufacture of equipment and the provision of chemical products. We are honored to work closely with such great automobile companies as Iran Khodro Automotive Group, Saipa Automobile Group, And other active industries such as: Emersan Household Appliances, National Iranian Industries, and etc.In order to develop and promote our dear IRAN, we continue to grow along with the international technology.
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Negin Plating Industries: pioneer in the field of plastic plating and plastic injection services

Providing services according to customer requirements and in accordance with international standards

The Importance of ElectroPlating Industry

Electrodeposition is the application of metallic coatings to metallic or other conductive surfaces by electrochemical processes.

Electroplating is both an art and a science. Although based on several technologies and sciences, including chemistry, physics, chemical and electrical engineering, metallurgy, and perhaps others, it retains in some ways the aspects of an art, in which experience is the only teacher. In fact, of course, all the sciences have elements of art which can be learned only by experience; all the reading of textbooks on chemistry will not produce a chemist. No text on electroplating will produce an expert electroplater; there is no substitute for experience and what is somewhat inelegantly termed know-how.


Some of the purposes for which articles are electroplated are:

(1) Appearance

(2) Protection

(3) Special surface properties

(4) Engineering or mechanical properties.


The oil and gas industry, the telecommunications industry, the petrochemical industry, the printing industry, the home appliance industry, the steel industry, the agricultural industry, and many other important industries will be undermined without the presence of the electroplating industry. Hence, the plating industry is referred to as the enabler industry.


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Managers of Negin Plating Industries

Nadia Eslami

Position: Director of Production

Education: BS of Chemistry – BS of Chemical Engineering – Master of Commerce

Mohsen Rahimi

Position: Quality Control Manager and Lab

Education:BS Of Chemistry

Mohammad Reza Pardazi Moghadam

Position: Chairman and CEO

Education: BS Of  Physics

More than 26 years of independent activity in the electroplating industry

Omid Ghaemi

Position: Director of Plastic Injection

Education: BS of Computer

Ahmad Sohrabi

Position: Director of manufacture of equipment

Education: BS of Electrical and Electronics

Specialist in control systems and industrial automation

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